B & S Group Of Companies

B&S Group of Companies Ltd, was established in 2009 as a Private Limited Liability Company Incorporated in South Sudan, Uganda and Duly registered in Kenya. B&S Group began as a general trading Company and has since diversified into transport logistics (River, Road & Air Transport, Warehousing, Production & Engineering, Pharmaceutical Supplies and Real Estate.

Our head Office is in Juba – South Sudan, Khartoum – Sudan and regional offices in Kampala – Uganda. Nairobi – Kenya and abroad in Sharjah – UAE

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Our Mission

Our Mission, Vision and Values are the core foundation for B&S Group’s dynamic and innovative culture.

Since 2009, our business has grown and transformed. These core fundamentals however, have endured and remain the building blocks for our future.

Our Group vision serves as a unifying force towards a common cause of sustainable growth of the company as whole.

Our Values mirror the culture that shapes the manner in which we relate with each other and with our stakeholders.

To provide innovative solutions in the transport, logistics, trade, technology and communication sectors in the Eastern African region and beyond.

To become a market leader in the region and across the globe through providing goods & services of superior quality and value to our clients.

  1. QUALITY- How we relate to our customers and stakeholders- Products and Services
  2. EXCELLENCE- Internal system flow and corporate culture
  3. INNOVATION- Business Practices
  4. Corporate Social Responsibility- Environment & Community
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Our Expert Family

The core team comprises of dynamic individuals with passion and dedication and are instrumental in developing the status and profile of the company.