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Established in 2009, B&S Group of Companies Ltd represents a dynamic fusion of global expertise and local knowledge, incorporated in South Sudan and Uganda, and officially registered in Kenya. What began as a visionary trading enterprise has evolved into a multifaceted powerhouse, driving innovation across an impressive spectrum of services.


Pharmaceutical Supplies

B&S Group, through our subsidiary Pharmacy Africa 1, is committed to delivering premier pharmaceutical supplies for human and animal health. Our dedication to quality and strategic alliances with regional industry leaders distinguishes us.

Trade & Supply

Our establishment has fortified robust trading lines, significantly enhanced by our extensive logistical network spanning East African countries—namely South Sudan, Kenya, and Uganda—as well as the United Arab Emirates. This strategic positioning fuels our supply chains, ensuring efficiency and reliability in our operations.

Transport & Logistics

We provide logistical support and transportation via river.

Fresh Produce Production

B&S Produce, a brand under B&S Group, specializes in the production and processing of fresh produce, including cereals, legumes, pulses, coffee, and fruits.

Gum Arabic

Bolsterring the export of agribusiness and horticultural products, with a particular focus on promoting Gum Arabic exports from the South Sudan.

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