We offer River Transport Services between Juba and Renk on Nile River through our subsidiary, South Sudan Transnile pCompany Ltd (SSTC). SSTC fleet consist of 7 Pushers & 36 cargo and fuel barges. Each Pusher can carry cargo capacity of upto 1,400 Metric Tons per trip and takes about 18 days from Juba to Renk through the River Nile.


We have an established logistical hub in Mombasa, Kenya and Kampala, Uganda handling a wide range of logistical businesses ranging from Transportation to warehousing including Cold storage facilty and Clearing and forwarding in Mombasa, Kampala and Nimule. The Clearing and Forwarding business is operated under our subsidiary, FORA Ltd located in Mombasa.


We operate chartered cargo and passenger flights, general ground handling, and fueling through her subsidiary company, J4U Air Services. J4U’s fleet consists of Antenov 26 (6.5 tons) and a Carravan; Cessna 208B. The caravan can carry either 1 Tonne of cargo or 12 Passangers. Our fleet is currently operating within South Sudan. J4U enjoys