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South Sudan Office Jebel Kujur Yei Road, Juba south sudan

Steel Fabrication

We design and fabricate  steel products of different sizes and shapes, The workshop is equipped with modern automated machines to allow greater flexibility in working with different designs and size ranges.We design and produce wide range of steel products including;

  • Horizontal & Vertical fuel storage tanks from the smallest size to 500,000 Liters capacity. It can be for both underground and surface use.
  • Stainless steel water tanks.
  • Water and fuel tanks for vendor trucks.
  • Truck body building.
  • Petrol station canopies.
  • Window and door grills.
  • Gates and security barriers.
  • Billboard stands.
  • Steel structures and other customized products. 

Civil Construction

We offer commercial civil construction services from small to  large projects. With our professional and experienced Architectural and Civil Engineering team, we offer complete solutions for contracting & construction projects. Our clientele range from individuals, to corporates and international organizations.

We do Architectural and Structural designs, Bill of Quantities (BOQ), implementation & Supervision of construction projects of all sizes, landscaping, bush clearing and land survey works.

Automotive Workshop

We have established a vibrant all-inclusive Automotive Workshop manned by a devoted team of experienced mechanics and engineers. Our services range from quick routine services, to major mechanical repairs and engines overhaul for all types of vehicles (from light cars to heavy trucks). We are equipped with modern automated equipment and diagnostic systems.


We also offer computerized wheel alignment, wheel balancing, tire press, and automated break testing. The workshop has fast turnaround capacity of 12 vehicles per shift. Our team strives as much as possible to ensure timely accomplishments once a car enters the workshop.

To complement our automotive workshop, we have established a panel-beating & painting unit that is managed by experienced professionals. Under this unit we offer all range of body repair and painting services for both light cars and trucks including chassis repair.

This unit is equipped with machineries required for body works and supported by our professional steel workshop, all in the same compound